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Hello Friends,

All of us here at ICPNetworks whole heartily believe this is a very interesting info-graphic.  Particularly as we are going through our ISO14001 accreditation presently, and making our new building the greenest it can possibly be!

The title of this infographic is: Can We Make Computing Greener? The answer for ICPNetworks is Yes!   While our new building work is still on going, and part of our refit involved replacing 40 x 400w Lights which would have been used on average for 9 hours a day which is 16KwH, 144 KwH per day, 720 KwH per 5 day week, and over 37,000 KwH per year! We replaced them with 200w LED – PIR & Lumen sensored fixtures. Additionally, by a portion of them coming on only when the light dims to a level that they are needed and set to, and the balance on the aisles to motion sensors we will save more than 90% off the energy needed to power the previous lights! We were blown away by how such a simple change can make such a big difference.
Please grab a quick coffee or cup of tea and check out some of these interesting facts we found, and by all means let us know what you think?  We have lots more to share about coming up…..

CanWeMakeComputingGreener_ from


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Best regards from all at ICPNetworks

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